Open positions

There are no open positions at the moment.

We are currently evaluating applications for up to five postdoctoral positions funded as part of this project. The postdocs are expected to form a close collaborative unit at the core of the project. Three of these will be hosted at Chalmers University of Technology and two will be based at the University of Gothenburg. The starting date for the positions will be shortly after the start of the project in July 2021.

Positions at the University of Gothenburg [now closed]

Up to two postdoctoral positions were announced in theoretical chemistry at the University of Gothenburg. The research group develops theory and implements it on computers in order to study chemical processes in the gas phase and in condensed phase. We are interested in chemical kinetics, spectroscopy and dynamics in general, but focus on processes that are relevant to astrochemistry. The present project concerns formation, destruction and survival of nano- to micrometer sized dust particles in our Universe, including early galaxies, areas close to black holes and our local Universe. We will study dust particles, often silicon and/or carbon based, at a molecular level and their interactions with other particles (molecules/atoms, ions/electrons) and electromagnetic radiation. The project is financed by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg research foundation and is run jointly with three research groups from Chalmers University of Technology, which particularly contribute astronomical observations.

Positions at Chalmers University of Technology [now closed]

We invited applications for up to 3 postdoctoral positions in the research project: “The Origin and Fate of Dust in the Unviverse”. The cross disciplinary project aims to advance our understanding of dust formation, destruction and growth throughout the Universe. It is a collaboration between astronomers and theoretical chemists and Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg University, located at the same university campus. More information on the project can be found in the research section of this page.

To join this collaboration, we are seeking ambitious, highly-qualified postdoctoral researchers with experience in observations and modeling of dust around e.g. evolved stars, novae, supermassive black holes and in the local and high-redshift interstellar medium.

The successful candidates will join a growing and vibrant research environment encompassing the Chalmers Division for Astronomy and Plasma Physics and the Onsala Space Observatory – host of the Swedish National Facility for Radio Astronomy which includes the Nordic ALMA Regional Center Node. In addition to the close collaboration with Gothenburg University, the postdocs will work with, and be embedded in, the internationally active research groups of Profs. Susanne Aalto, Kirsten Knudsen and Wouter Vlemmings.

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