Dust workshop December 2021

The meeting will be held online. Participants will get information how to connect. If you’re interested in attending, please contact us.

Long talks are 30min + 10min for questions, short talks are 12min + 3min for questions.

Programme (Please note that all times are CET, Swedish time).

Wednesday December 15th

13:00-13:20Kirsten Kraiberg KnudsenWelcome + introduction to our collaboration/project
13:20-14:00Anthony JonesTHEMIS: an interstellar dust modelling frameworkWouter
14:00-14:15Thiébaut SchirmerDust evolution in photon-dominated regionsWouter
14:30-15:10Hiroyuki HirashitaModelling of dust evolution at high redshiftsGunnar
15:10-15:50Ilse De Looze / Monica RelanoCharacterisation of dust properties in nearby galaxiesGunnar
15:50-16:00Short break
16:00-16:40Rob GarrodModeling hot and cold complex molecule chemistry in hot coresGunnar
16:40-17:00Susanne AaltoBrief summary of the day + discussion

Thursday December 16th

13:00-13:05Kirsten Kraiberg KnudsenWelcome notes for the afternoon
13:05-13:45Kentaro NagamineDust in galaxy simulationsSusanne
13:45-14:25Mike BarlowDust formation and destruction by supernovaeSusanne
14:40-15:20Nathalie YsardSelected applications of THEMISThiebaut
15:20-16:00Liv HornekærInterstellar Dust – a catalyst for chemical complexity”Thiebaut
16:00-16:10Short break
16:10-16:25Dimitra RigopoulouA new technique to unveil deeply-obscured nuclei using mid-infrared spectroscopyThiebaut
16:25-16:40Arka SarangiModeling dust formation in extreme astrophysical environmentsThiebaut
16:40-17:00Wouter VlemmingsBrief summary of the day + discussion

Friday December 17th

13:00-13:05Kirsten Kraiberg KnudsenWelcome notes for the afternoon
13:05-13:45Sebastian HoenigDust around AGNArka
13:45-14:25Frédéric GallianoA nearby galaxy perspective on dust
properties and their evolution
14:40-15:20Brett McGuireCold, Dark PAHs: Revealing the Complex
Carbon Inventory at the Earliest Stages
of Star Formation
15:20-15:35David GobrechtDust nucleation modelsGunnar
15:35-15:50Stefan AnderssonMechanisms of SiO oxidation: implications for dust formationGunnar
15:50-16:15Kirsten, Susanne, and WouterDiscussion and summary of the workshop
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