Cosmic Dust

Welcome to our Wallenberg project site for project “The Origin and Fate of Dust in the Universe”. The project is a collaboration between astronomers and theoretical chemists at Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg University. The aim of the project is to further our understanding of cosmic dust particles, from their formation in stellar environments, their destruction and growth in the Galactic and high-redshift ISM to their interaction with radiation from Active Galactic Nuclei.

Image credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, V. Rubin et al.

News Items

28 Jan 2021:

Three postdoc positions within the project are now open at Chalmers University of Technology. Information can be found via the “open position” link or directly via the online application form.

30 Sep 2020:

“On dusty roads through the Universe”, Chalmers press release on Wallenberg project award.